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Ankle Osteoarthritis - Causes - Diagnosis - Symptoms - Treatment

Osteoarthritis (OA) in the ankles can cause pain, stiffness, and other symptoms. Learn about ankle osteoarthritis causes, diagnosis, symptoms, pain relief, and treatment.
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Does Ankle Fracture Lead to Osteoarthritis?
Ankle fracture can lead to the development of osteoarthritis. How long does it take to develop?

Ankle Osteoarthritis - What You Need to Know
Ankle osteoarthritis can be painful and disabling. Stiffness, swelling, and pain are typical symptoms associated with ankle osteoarthritis. Learn more about the cause, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of ankle osteoarthritis.

Ankle Pain
Ankle pain involves any discomfort in one or both ankles. In addition to ankle sprains and other injuries, ankle pain can be caused by arthritis, gout, pseudogout, and infection.

Ankle Arthritis
Ankle arthritis is much less common than degenerative changes in other joints. However, ankle arthritis can occur, and can be quite painful. Ankle arthritis is most common in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or in patients with a previous injury to the ankle joint.

Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle
There are 28 bones and over 30 joints in the foot. Tough bands of tissue, called ligaments, hold the bones and joints in place. If arthritis develops in one or more of these joints, your balance and walk may be affected, from AAOS.

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