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Heat Wraps Soothe Arthritis Symptoms

Moist / Dry Heat Wraps


Updated June 26, 2012

Heat wraps help treat arthritis pain and joint stiffness. A wrap applies heat to a joint to relieve pain and stiffness. There are heat wraps designed for specific joints (for example -- knee wraps, neck wraps, hand wraps).

Heat wraps contain different fillers (the material in the core which heats up). Some wraps are activated by putting them in the microwave. Some wraps can be frozen to provide cold treatments. These are a few that we like.

1. The Bed Buddy

Joint wrap that soothes aches and pains. The Bed Buddy can go in microwave or refrigerator for heat or cold therapy. Convenient and reusable.
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2. ICE Active Wrap Heat/ Shoulder Wrap

Goes on easy like a shirt. ActiveWrap gel is non-toxic, microwave, hot water and freezer safe. Can be used for heat or cold therapy.
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3. Honeywell Kaz HP1020 Soft Heat Neck and Shoulder Heating Wrap

Electric heat wrap with 10-foot cord. Works fast to provide warmth for aching joints and muscles. Washable cover. 4 heat-settings. Auto shut off.
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4. Ace Ice/Heat Back Wrap with Gel Pack

Includes gel pack. Easily applied to the back. Adjustable wrap is easy to use. Made of elastic.
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