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Treadmill Options for Arthritis Patients to Consider

Set Your Own Pace With a Treadmill


Updated December 22, 2010

A treadmill may be the answer for some arthritis patients. While everyone knows that walking is good exercise, it can be hard to do with physical limitations and limited mobility. With your own treadmill, you can walk at your own pace and not get too far from home as pain and fatigue begin to build. You will no longer fear going the distance. Choose a treadmill with options that work well for you.

Before purchasing your treadmill, you should consult with your doctor to be sure that treadmill use is appropriate for your specific condition. You don't want to do more harm than good -- so discuss with your doctor.

1. Stamina Products InMotion II Manual Foldup Treadmill

Walking made easy! According to the manufacturer, this treadmill is "a 2-position incline machine for walking or jogging featuring a dual-balanced flywheel that makes it super easy on your joints."
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2. Merit Fitness 725T Electronic 2.25 HP Treadmill

The speed of this treadmill is adjustable from 1 to 10 mph (slow walking to running). According to the maufacturer it provides "smooth power at all speeds, so even heavy walkers can enjoy steady belt motion."
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3. Reebok R 5.80 Treadmill

Run, walk, light jogging -- it just takes your commitment. This treadmill has "a Durasoft® adjustable cushioned deck for superior comfort during your workout", according to its manufacturer.
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4. Manual Treadmill

Afraid of not being able to keep up your speed on a treadmill? Fear no more with this self-powered treadmill. Your provide the power. You set the pace.

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5. Spirit Esprit ET-8 Folding Treadmill

The Spirit Esprit ET-8 Folding Treadmill changes speed and elevation in 0.1 increments -- an important feature for users that can only walk very slowly. According to the manufacturer, "Most home treadmills in this price range change speed in 0.5 or 1.0 increments."
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6. ProForm 490 C Treadmill

Has two built-in speakers. Plug in your iPod and get moving. Has 6 preset weight loss workouts and 6 performance workouts.

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