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Body Pillow Designed for Arthritis Relief

One Body Pillow Does What Several Regular Pillows Can Do


Updated April 30, 2011

If you put a pillow under every joint that hurts because of arthritis, you may end up with a dozen. That's not very practical. The body pillow may be the solution. A body pillow is just what it claims to be -- one super pillow that is as long as your body.

There are many different fillers and types of body pillow. The best one comes down to personal choice. See what's available by checking out your body pillow options.

1. SNOOZER Full Body Pillow Synthetic Down Filler

A full-length body pillow that will support and comfort aching joints. Filler is synthetic material.

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2. Sarah Peyton Home Collection Memory Foam 50x14 inch Full body Pillow

Body pillow made of memory foam that adjusts to your body's weight and warmth. Pillow measures 10 inches thick x 14 inches wide x 50 inches long. Originally designed for NASA.

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3. Sarah Peyton 36-Inch Memory Foam Body Pillow

Are you thinking 50 inches may be too long for you? The Sarah Peyton collection has you covered with a shorter, 36 inch version. 

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4. Tempur-Pedic Body Pillow

The Body Pillow by Tempur-Pedic provides the same TEMPUR materials as their other pillows but with extra support for the hips, knees, and back.

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5. Kimlor 09009500040KM American Denim Body Pillow

Denim body pillow from Karin Maki collection. It's 100% cotton denim, double stitched for durability.

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6. Double Extra Long 72 inch Memory Foam Noodle Body Pillow

Were you thinking 50 inches was too short? There is a 72 inch body pillow available. It's a visco memory foam noodle body pillow. Fluff this pillow like a down pillow, but it keeps the resilience of memory foam.

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7. Squishy Deluxe - Microbead Body Pillow - DARK COFFEE

The outer shell of this body pillow is made from a soft and stretchy spandex material. The fill is made from tiny polystyrene powder microbeads that conform to whatever shape is applied to it. There's enough structure for support, but it is still squishy enough to wrap around your body and keep you comfortable. Cylindrical shape measures about 46 inches long by 7 inches thick.

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