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Reader Stories: Decision to Have Joint Replacement


Updated June 01, 2011

It's difficult to be told by your doctor that you need a joint replacement. Experts say the time is right when conservative treatments fail and joint pain becomes unmanageable, interfering with usual daily activities. Age is also a consideration. Younger patients are often advised to wait so they lessen the chance of needing revision joint replacement surgery.

What was your life like around the time you decided to have joint replacement surgery? What tasks or activities had become nearly impossible? What factors ultimately made you decide to have the surgery? Do you wish you had done it sooner?

Could No Longer Walk - Needed Joint Replacement

No! there was no necessity as I had no choice, it was too late as it had been left to deteriorate for 30 years waiting for me to become "old enough" to accept a new knee, since it may only last for 1…More

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