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Readers Respond: Gifts for People With Arthritis Can Be Fun or Practical

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Updated January 04, 2010

Half the fun of gifts comes from giving. But it's nice to receive gifts too -- especially if the gift is something you have been wanting. Gifts can be fun, somewhat practical, or just exactly what you needed.

Would you rather receive a puppy to fill your house with love, or a Roomba to clean floors better than you could ever do yourself? What gift would be a fun distraction from your usual chronic pain -- and what gift would be most helpful and useful -- for example, an assistive device? Share your wish list.

X-Mas Wishes

Don't laugh now. I would love Rock band. For me it's a great distraction:) On the practical side, someone to clean my home once a week would be a dream. I get so frustrated not being able to do all that needs to be done. I try to do things, then end up hurting myself for a couple of days after.
—Guest planetlucy
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