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Readers Respond: Do Weather Changes Make Osteoarthritis Worse?

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Updated May 06, 2013

As we move into the colder seasons, many arthritis sufferers "feel it in their bones." Though researchers haven't proven that there's a link between weather and arthritis -- many people swear there is a direct effect. Some arthritis patients say they can predict the weather by how they feel.

Some arthritis patients may be more physically sensitive to temperature changes, barometric pressure, and humidity than others. Does weather affect your osteoarthritis? Do weather changes make you feel more achey and cause more joint pain and stiffness? What do you do to head off the flare-ups caused by weather?

Humidity and hot weather

When the humidity goes up my body doesn't feel like my own anymore. I feel this particularly bad in my hands which feel like they are big clubs on the ends of painful sticks. My whole body is tired and my brain goes foggy.
—Guest Candice

Arthritis and weather

Yes, any time there is cloudy and rainy weather, it effects me -- mood, joint and muscle pain worsen and if sunshine comes I feel happy and no pain.
—Guest PAUL

Does cold weather make arthritis worse

Yes I think cold weather does play a part in severity of arthritis pain. I have Osteoarthritis and I ache more, my joints get locked and stiffer. I can bearly walk right in winter because I'm in so much pain.
—Guest CharHoloman

Barometric Arthritis

When a front is approaching, I will literally get sick all over the day before it arrives. My body puffs up, my joints hurt, and my head feels like it's made of cotton:I can't think straight, I feel depressed, I can't focus or concentrate. I move in slow motion and get out of breath. I call it my "hurricane syndrome" because it is particularly awful as a hurricane approaches, and I literally can not pack to evacuate. I have to sit or lie down until it's passed. I don't know what to do to help myself. My doctors have no idea, either. Are there any remedies for this? Will "water pills" help? When the weather is dry, I feel normal. I live in Florida, so I fell pretty bad all summer during the rainy season. In addition, I have become heat intolerant in the last 3 years. I can't be outside for more than 15 minutes without feeling overcome by it. I have gone through extensive testing for heart and autoimmune diseases. Nothing was found except some inflammation markers. Is there a connection?
—Guest gainor hillegass

OA and weather changes

It feels like my joints are too big for the surrounding ligaments and muscles. I've had a 2 level C5 thru C7 fusion with plates and screws. Also a 2 level L4 thru S1 with rods and screws and a plate . They say people who have metal in their body with OA, it makes the pain worse and I agree.
—Guest Julie m
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