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Readers Respond: Does Your Doctor Intimidate You?

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Updated November 05, 2009

From the article: Talk to Your Doctor!
Does your doctor intimidate you? Does your doctor encourage you to ask questions or does he shut you down? Communication is important -- but never more important than between a doctor and patient. So think about the question for a moment before answering. How do you feel in your doctor's office? Intimidated?

If you do feel your doctor tries to intimidate you, how do you react? Do you become quiet and shy? Tongue-tied? Or, are you able to rise above it? Should you stick with a doctor who tries to intimidate you? Share your experiences and offer your best advice!

Doctors and OA

How many is too many? Doctors, they come they go. A Rheumatologist once told me I did not need him because all he could do was prescribe PT, meds and when needed-specialists. No point in wasting my money and time. I was not the usual old person that comes to see him and all he would do was see me once a month and he could not cure me. So, my GP handles everything and my neurosurgeon sees me when pain management fails (3 back surgeries in 6 yrs). I see a knee spec. now for injections my GP could also handle. I have never had success with PT, not for my neck or back. Now knee guy wants PT. Will this help or just delay the inevitable. I have total spine involvement, knee oa, ankle oa and hand oa. There is no cure that's a falsehood some hand out. PT only "buys time" before surgery is needed. Am I the only one with all these OA sites?


I've had a osteopath and a p.t. be downright verbally abusive instead of evaluating my lumbar and missed some real problems...sadly, I live in a rural area without much choice. I dropped the osteopath after the second visit but stuck with the p.t. She was the only one in our area with the skills I needed but she never was a true professional.
—Guest katie


No! I intimidate my doc. I am very forthcomming and honest and will say whatever is on my mind. I also (thanks to my forum friends and my own research) know my disease and the meds. I have also broken down and cried. She never knows what to expect from me.

Good Question

I have had some dr's that intimidate me. I tend to get tongue-tied or just forget every question I have.I also will forget what he said. I have been very lucky to have great Dr's in the last few years. My Rheumy especially is great. I would have to say that he more than any other Dr has gone out of his way to make sure that I'm getting the care that I need. Now when I meet new Dr'd I try to have all my medical info listed (I have a complicated hsitory so I'm told). I will be going to a new PC whom I know nothing about ( I didn't have much choice in picking a new Dr). So I'm going to print my info and hope that I don't get all nervous and forgetful. If I have a Dr. that intimidates me I try to change. I might try one more visit to make sure esp if it's one I need to see often.
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