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Readers Respond: What Keeps You From Exercising?

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Updated April 15, 2010

Exercise is an essential part of managing osteoarthritis. Exercise can improve your range of motion, strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance. Exercise can help you sleep well, help with weight management, and positively affect your overall well-being.

Despite the benefits, there can be barriers to exercising on a regular basis. You may think exercising will make your pain worse. You may think there's no time to exercise and put other things first. Physical limitations can get in the way. You may just find it boring. If you have not added exercise to your regular routine -- what keeps you from exercising?

Not exercising

I have spondylosis in my shoulders should I build muscle as my condition is known to destroy muscle i used to love working out / would like to get back to it if possible would this be advisable.
—Guest james hanley


I have been a sufferer of knee osteo now for about 12 years. I am continually frustrated with not being able to exercise the way I want to. A simple walk around the block can be impossible and the idea of using a treadmill is just ridiculous. When you have knee osteo you cannot bend your knees like other people. Your knees constantly fill up with unwanted fluids and are in constant pain. It is a struggle and a battle to keep the heart healthy with this physical problem. Even a person in a wheelchair must get more exercise than I get. Sufferers like me need a real exercise program that works. Who wants to line up with twenty other ladies in a special pool? That is just fantasyland. We need something we can do at home everyday that gives us enough strength in our muscles to get us to walk around the block without dangerous drugs.
—Guest Meredith

Chronic back pains..will it get worse?

I'm 38 yrs and I've had constant back pain for more than 10yrs now. I've done xrays but nothing showed up in the results. I've used meds and gotten injections for relief but it only helps temporarily. When I exercise I feel like the pain worsens and I eventually stop. I know the exercise is suppose to help, but my fear of the pain increasing stops me from exercising.
—Guest angel

Knee discomfort/weather conditions

Probably my age is the greatest factor - 67 this month. I tried low impact walk areobics and it seemed not to make me feel better. I contacted my RA for osteo and they had biking 10 mph, jogging, running, and I am not in agreement with that. I am on Osteo Bi-Flex - the best thing since sliced bread, and 15 mg Meloxicam which is working out. But am concerned regarding muscle mass. My physical only found me with osteoarthritis.

3 wheel trike

I have osteoarthritis in the hips (mild). I have bought mission solo low step trike. Will it be ok with my condition?
—Guest sal

Is it okay to exercise when in pain?

Doctor who diagnosed my OA told me not to overuse knee joint. I have little pain in one knee. Now my one shoulder is painful since last month. Is it okay to begin stationary cycling & pull ups, stretching exercise etc. when in pain. Please advise. Thanks n best regards.
—Guest Savita Samrat
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