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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Joint Replacement Surgery

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Updated October 15, 2009

There is a high success rate with joint replacement surgery. But that's not to say there are no failed joint replacement surgeries. Were you well-prepared for all aspects of joint replacement surgery -- pre-op, surgery itself, and rehab? Were you happy with the outcome?

Share your experience with joint replacement surgery. Answer questions you think people might ask you. For example, was joint replacement surgery painful? Did you use crutches or a walker? How long did you miss work? Do you have complete pain relief now? Should you have had the joint replacement sooner? Why didn't you? Have you had more than one done?

Rt. Knee Replacement

I put off having a knee. I could not even buy groceries. It was the worst surgery of my life. They do not offer enough pain medication because some people do not require the same as others, that does not mean that everyone's pain should be judged on everyone else. I am eight months post op at this time and am never pain-free. I still cannot shop for myself or walk without a cane. My doctor is very unconcerned and I would never recommend him to anyone, so if anyone in Pensacola wants to know his name I will be glad to give it to them.
—Guest Sandy Affleck

New Shoulder Joint

Used weightlifting for 20 years to build muscles in body anticipating arthritis but it hit in my 60's and settled in my right shoulder causing such pain that I sought info on local physicians and was fortunate enough to locate a doctor who had applied his knowledge to even designing prosthesis. I call him a magician. Having the surgical replacement done in 2005, I am told I should be able to enjoy the freedom from problems for another 10 years.
—Guest Lillian

still hurts

After years of trying whatever the DR's recommended, I finally started opioid therapy. It did help the pain in my right knee, but the tolerance I was developing made me look into the option of a total knee replacement. I had my right knee replaced two and a half years ago, although the pain is not as bad as it was it still is intolerable and I must use pain killers on a daily basis just to be able to work. No one has been able to tell me why though, does anyone else know or has anyone else experienced this?
—Guest c.coit

Total Knee Replacement at 48

I am 5 weeks post op total left knee replacement. It is going very well. However, I am feeling impatient with the process. I can't imagine rehab without PT. I am going to PT 2-3 times a week. PT can be painful and I would not push myself without a physical therapist encouragement and reassurance. It is helping a great deal. I am also doing massage therapy. I did not anticipate the degree of pain in my surrounding muscles following the knee replacement. The massage therapy is helping a great deal with reducing inflamation in the knee and relieving the muscles tightness and pain I am experiencing from the waist down. I have been surprised that my recovery process has not been continously positive. I have found that I have have a couple of really good days followed by a couple of really bad days. This may be due to doing too much on the good days and needing to recover, but I expected a continously improving process. My expectations apparently are a little too high, so I'm told.

Right Knee Replacement

I had my right knee replaced about one and a half years ago. The pain was not as bad as I thought it would be. The physical therapy was the most painful but only for about the first month. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to the anesthesia. I was nauseous for 6 months - lost 50 pounds. I still have some pain in my knee but not bad. Now I need my left knee replaced. I will wait until I can't stand it anymore.

2 hip replacements

I had both hips replaced, within four months, last year. Should have had it done much sooner, but because I was misdiagnosed, 16 years ago, I didn't. Both operations went perfectly well, I felt some pain for a few days, but had medication while in hospital. Two weeks after the first, and one week after the second operation, I stopped taking the med. Used crutches to begin with. After the first op, I had to keep using them, as the un-operated hip was in such a bad state. One week after op 2, I stopped using them. I now walk very well, but am still out of practice and walk farily slowly (3 months post-op). I am extremely happy with my new hips, which have given me some of my life back, though the illness, particularly the misdiagnosis, had already cost me my marriage. MadeleineB - author of "Hips Attached", all about my path towards two hip replacements!

2 knees and 2 hips total rep.

Had all four done within a year and a half ...... both knees at the same time, Walking great.
—Guest Sandy

Right Knee Replacement

The worse thing I ever had done. After 7 years my right knee still hurts 24 hrs and 7 days a week. Been to seven ortho doctors, took physical therapy, pain management nothing worked. My ortho. doctor says out of all the patients I was the only one where my knee replacement did not work. Now they say my left knee needs replacement. No way until I can not work anymore. My advice is hold off replacing your knee as long as you can. I am now using a stimulator which helps a little.
—Guest c b guzman

Hip replacement surgery

Hi everyone! I'm probably in the wrong section, but just want to say I'm having my right hip replaced on 2nd November 2009. Will let you know how it goes.
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