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Osteoarthritis - Explained With Pictures

Osteoarthritis is most common among adults over 65 years old but people of any age can develop the disease. How is osteoarthritis different from other types of arthritis? Take a look at osteoarthritis -- through pictures.

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I'm Not Going Away...Just Moving Over

As most of you know, I became the Arthritis guide at About.com in 1997. When the decision was made to split off Osteoarthritis as a separate site in 2007, I

Useful Gadgets for People With Hand Osteoarthritis

Hand osteoarthritis can turn an easy task into a difficult one. Some gadgets have been designed to help.

Ultrasound Treatment for Osteoarthitis

Ultrasound therapy is an option for managing knee osteoarthritis pain and function.

Boswellia for Osteoarthritis

Potential benefits of Boswellia include anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, but evidence is quite limited.

Prolotherapy for Osteoarthritis

Prolotherapy is an injection therapy used to promote natural healing of joints weakened by injury, overuse, or osteoarthritis.

Joint Laxity and Osteoarthritis

Joint laxity means "looseness" of a joint. Is the instability a cause of osteoarthritis or a result of having the disease?

Can Children Develop Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is thought of as a disease of older people. Can children develop osteoarthritis, too?

Does Blue-Emu Help Osteoarthritis Pain?

You may have seen Blue-Emu among the topical pain relief products in your drugstore. Does Blue-Emu help osteoarthritis?

Blue-Emu: Is It Effective for Osteoarthritis Pain?

Low-Impact Exercise Benefits Osteoarthritis Patients

People with osteoarthritis can benefit from low-impact exercise.

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