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Osteoarthritis can interfere with daily living. Chronic pain, stiffness, and other limitations make daily living activities more difficult for people with osteoarthritis. Learn more about living and coping with osteoarthritis.
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What Is a Hip Kit?
A hip kit is a necessary item to have following hip replacement surgery.

How Do You Stay Young Despite Osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis has been called an "old person's disease" but you don't have to be a senior citizen to have the condition. Still, how do you escape the bad rap? Do you work at staying young despite having osteoarthritis?See submissions

Power Tools Are Must-Have for People With Osteoarthritis
With osteoarthritis, you may lose strength and mobility. Power tools help compensate for your physical limitations.

Difficult Osteoarthritis Recommendations
Many of the recommendations for managing osteoarthritis involve exercise, weight loss, pacing your activities, getting enough rest, and being compliant with your treatment plan. Which of the recommendations have you found most difficult to follow?

New Reality With Osteoarthritis - New Reality
Not long after being diagnosed, osteoarthritis lets you know you are facing your new reality. By new reality, I mean that physical limitations will interfere with what you can and can not do.

How to Sleep Better With Osteoarthritis
It seems logical that better pain control would help you sleep better. There are also several simple ideas that help you sleep better with osteoarthritis that have to do with your habits and sleep environment.

Get to Sleep - What Helps You Get to Sleep
About 25% of adults with arthritis have trouble with sleep -- either getting to sleep or staying asleep. Are you among the arthritis patients who have problems when trying to get to sleep? What ultimately helps you get to sleep?

Can You Always Stop Before You Overdo Activities With Osteoarthritis?
Even with osteoarthritis, you want to live a full life and not hold back. If you overdo activities though, you pay the price with increased pain and fatigue. Is it hard not to overdo? See submissions

Gradening With Osteoarthritis
Gardening is enjoyable on so many levels. Gardening with osteoarthritis presents challenges but none that should interfere with your love of gardening.

Sewing Tips for People With Osteoarthritis
Physical limitations caused by osteoarthritis can make sewing difficult. Looking for solutions so you don't have to stop sewing? Check out these sewing tips for people with osteoarthritis.

Should You Buy a Lift Chair?
A lift chair is like a regular recliner except with the push of a button, a lift chair reclines, raises the footrest, and helps you go from sit to stand by raising you up vertically. A lift chair is a good choice for most people who need assistance getting up.

Making Adjustments to Help Osteoarthritis - Adjustments
To effectively manage osteoarthritis so the disease doesn't disrupt usual activities, you may have had to make adjustments. What changes and adjustments have you made to help cope with osteoarthritis?

Grocery Shopping Tips for Arthritis Patients
Grocery shopping -- an activity that is taken for granted by many people -- can be challenging for people with arthritis. We have put together some grocery shopping tips to make grocery shopping easier, or dare we say enjoyable.

Handicap Parking - The Handicap Parking Process
Handicap parking is a convenience for patients who qualify. Have you balked at getting a handicap parking permit because you feel you don't really need it or because of embarrassment?

Assistive Devices - Useful Assistive Devices
Assistive devices can be very useful for people living with limitations related to osteoarthritis. Assistive devices are available to help you in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car, and more. What assistive devicess have been invaluable to you?

Keep Warm With Thermal Underwear
Warmth is comforting -- especially for painful or stiff joints and muscles. Layering clothes adds warmth. Thermal underwear can be your first layer.

If you have arthritis, consider thermal underwear a necessity in your wardrobe. Here are a few styles for your consideration -- included for both men and women.

Christmas Gifts That Comfort - Christmas Gifts
Christmas gifts are traditionally exchanged on Christmas eve or Christmas day. You may know what Christmas gifts you are getting already, but for sure you know what you want. Which Christmas gifts might make living with arthritis easier or better?

Osteoarthritis Help - Getting Help for Osteoarthritis
Finding osteoarthritis help can seem overwhelming to someone having early symptoms. Osteoarthritis help comes from many sources -- your doctor, physical therapists, occupational therapists, support groups, friends, family -- and don't forget to help yourself.

Well-Designed Vacuum Cleaners for Osteoarthritis Patients
When you live with chronic pain from arthritis, using a vacuum cleaner is difficult. Put simply, it hurts! But there are several ergonomic, lightweight, or self-propelled vacuum cleaners that make the job easier. Check out all available vacuum cleaners before choosing the best one for you. Compare their features and try them out. Your carpet will stay cleaner if you choose the right one for you.

Flannel Pajamas for Men With Osteoarthritis
Flannel pajamas are soft, warm, and comfy. But there is even more reason to wear flannel pajamas if you have osteoarthritis. Flannel pajamas keep joints and muscles warm, possibly reducing joint stiffness and joint pain. Flannel pajamas are usually loose-fitting which is good for comfort too. Here are just a few of the flannel pajamas available for men.

Flannel Pajamas for Women With Osteoarthritis
Flannel pajamas are popular for two reasons -- they are soft and they are warm. Cozy, comfy, all those words apply too. But there is even more reason to wear flannel pajamas if you have osteoarthritis. Flannel pajamas keep joints and muscles warm, possibly reducing joint stiffness and joint pain. Flannel pajamas are usually loose and unrestrictive which is good for comfort. Here are just a few of…

Continue Your Hobbies Despite Arthritis
When joint pain and stiffness are at their worst, you may wonder how you can continue your hobbies. I'll stop short of saying it's easy with arthritis, but you can continue your hobbies, in spite of having arthritis.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of psychotherapy which is based on the concept that your unhealthy moods and behaviors are derived from negative thoughts and beliefs. Cognitive behavioral therapy puts the responsibiility on you, not on other people or outside situations.

Transport Wheelchair Options
A transport wheelchair is not for someone who needs to spend most of their time in a wheelchair. Instead, a transport wheelchair is a lightweight version designed to get you from point A to point B -- safely. You will need someone to push you in a transport wheelchair.

Osteoarthritis Gets No Respect - Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis doesn't make the news as often as rheumatoid arthritis or some other types of arthritis. Generally speaking, people don't seem to understand how painful and disabling osteoarthritis can be. Most people don't get that osteoarthritis is a chronic condition. Do you agree osteoarthritis gets no respect?

Elderly Falls Tied to Canes and Walkers
The CDC reports that elderly falls involving canes and walkers account for 47,000 emergency room visits each year. Elderly falls might be reduced if proper use of canes and walkers were taught to those who use them.

When Does Living Alone Become a Major Mistake?
Advanced osteoarthritis can cause severe physical limitations that make living alone a bad idea. Though elderly people want to remain independent for as long as possible -- it can become unsafe to continue living alone.

What Is a Sock Aid?
A sock aid is an assistive device that helps you put on socks. Arthritis patients with physical limitations that make it difficult to reach their feet may find a sock aid extremely helpful.

Living With Osteoarthritis - How Is Living With Osteoarthritis
People formulate expectations based on previous experience. For example, if your grandmother had osteoarthritis, her experience may affect your perception of the disease. How has living with osteoarthritis yourself impacted your life? Has the disease impacted your life more than you thought it would? Basically, what did you expect living with osteoarthritis to be like and what's it really like?

Tips for Walker Use
Proper walker use is important. The correct height for your walker, good grips, and good posture ensure appropriate walker use.

Readers Respond: Were You Referred to Occupational Therapy?
An occupational therapy program, such as activity strategy training, can help you determine what it is that's keeping you from being more active. Whether it's a physical limitation or an environmental barrier -- overcoming that limitation or barrier should allow you to increase your level of physical activity. Readers Respond: Were You Referred to Occupational Therapy for Osteoarthitis Symptoms?

How Osteoarthritis Can Affect Your Sexual Health
Pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis can impact your sexual health. The impact can be both physical and emotional. There are things you can do to make sure your sexual health isn't being ignored.

Hip Resurfacing Helps Adventure Racer Robyn Benincasa - Part 1 of 3
Robyn Benincasa is a San Diego firefighter and an adventure racer diagnosed with osteoarthritis. A successful surgery got things back on track and inspired Robin Benincasa to start a nonprofit organization to help others.

Heat Wraps Soothe Arthritis Symptoms
Heat wraps apply heat to a joint for pain relief that lasts. Various heat wraps are designed to soothe specific joints.

Top Electric Blankets
An electric blanket will keep you comfortable and soothe the pain and achiness in your joints. Most arthritis patients feel better when they are warm. What better way than to snuggle under under electric blanket.

Self-Assessment - How Well Are You Managing Your Osteoarthritis?
There are things you can do to help manage your osteoarthritis. Take this self-assessment quiz to see how you are doing.

Self-Management Programs for Osteoarthritis
More than half of people who responded to an online survey for World Arthritis Day said they would like to have access to self-management programs and courses. Are self-management programs effective for reducing pain, improving function, or helping people cope with osteoarthritis?

Surviving Cold Weather With Osteoarthritis
Cold weather can exacerbate osteoarthritis pain. Remembering a few common sense tips can help people with arthritis survive cold weather -- and possibly even enjoy the winter season.

Occupational Therapy Helps Osteoarthritis Patients Lead Active Lives
Occupational therapy can help osteoarthritis patients lead more active lives. Having osteoarthritis can make exercise and regular physical activity challenging. A study has shown that occupational therapy helps patients increase their level of physical activity.

Safe Driving With Osteoarthritis
Safe driving is the goal of every driver, but physical limitations make it more important to be aware.

Osteoarthritis and Depression
Depression can be associated with osteoarthritis and other chronic pain conditions.

Sleep Disturbance - Common Complaint of Osteoarthritis
Sleep disturbance is a common complaint of osteoarthritis patients. The likely culprit is uncontrolled osteoarthritis pain which disrupts restful sleep. Sleep disturbance, whether caused by insomnia or insufficient sleep, can lead to fatigue that interferes with usual daily activities.

Coping Tips for Osteoarthritis Patients
It can be difficult to cope with osteoarthritis symptoms that interfere with usual activities. Check out these coping tips for osteoarthritis patients.

Arthritis Aids Make Living With Osteoarthritis Easier
Osteoarthritis can cause physical limitations which interfere with usual daily activities. Arthritis aids can compensate for the physical limitations, allowing the person with osteoarthritis to remain as independent as possible. Arthritis aids are specially designed adaptive equipment which make up for lost strength and lost mobility.

Does Fatigue Impact Lives of Osteoarthritis Patients?
Fatigue is typically associated with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other inflammatory rheumatic conditions. Fatigue is not typically related to osteoarthritis -- or is it? Fatigue in osteoarthritis is not routinely evaluated in the doctor's office and it has been the focus of only a few studies.

8 Best Things to Do for Arthritis
A person who must deal with chronic arthritis faces many life-altering challenges. These 8 (-ate) actions can help a person deal with the challenges and maintain a positive attitude at the same time.

How to Obtain a Handicapped Parking Permit
People with chronic disabilities such as arthritis often wait too long before getting a handicapped parking permit. People think they don't qualify or its too much trouble, but it's not. Here's how to obtain a handicapped parking permit.

Arthritis Affects Daily Living Activities
Arthritis can interfere with daily living activities. Physical limitations make daily living activities more difficult for people with arthritis.

10 Cooking Tips for People With Arthritis
Cooking can be difficult for people with arthritis who live with physical limitations, pain, and fatigue. These 10 cooking tips can help you make the task more manageable.

How to Prevent Slips and Falls
Slips and falls are major causes of serious injury and death. Slips and falls have many causes, but usually have one thing in common. They could have been prevented.

Traveling With Medications - What You Need to Know
Medications are part of a daily routine for people living with arthritis. When away from home for a period of time or traveling, it's important to manage medications appropriately. These tips will help you avoid problems with medication when traveling.

Osteoarthritis Care is Less Than Optimal for Elderly
Osteoarthritis affects up to 80 percent of elderly adults. For elderly people who live alone, osteoarthritis (especially of the knees or hips) is the leading cause of inability to participate in daily activities.

Bed Aids for People With Arthritis
Getting in and out of bed can be a challenge for someone with arthritis. Just being comfortable in bed is not easy. Bed aids have been designed to help. Check out these bed aids.

Osteoarthritis Advice
Since osteoarthritis is a chronic disease, patients must learn how to best manage the condition. From your own experience, what advice can you offer newly-diagnosed osteoarthritis patients? Share your best bit of osteoarthritis advice.

Do You Own a Lift Chair?
Getting from sit to stand is something most people don't think twice about. If you have arthritis though, you likely know how that simple motion is made difficult. A lift chair is an electric chair with a mechanism that lifts you from sit to stand. Do you have a lift chair? How did you select your lift chair?

Medical Alert Systems

People with osteoarthritis tend to be older. Many have multiple chronic conditions. Some live alone. When they have a medical emergency, if they are not by their phone, they're stuck. Unless, they have one of the medical alert systems. Consider these medical alert systems if you don't yet have one.

Focus on What You Can't Do
A common bit of advice to help you improve life with osteoarthritis is to focus on what you can do, not on what you can't do. But focusing on what you can't do could help improve life with osteoarthritis too. Here's how.

Hobbies and Osteoarthritis - Hobbies
With physical limitations caused by arthritis, it's hard to continue certain hobbies. Have you been able to find a way to continue your hobbies?

Dependable or Not With Osteoarthritis - Dependable
Most people are proud to be considered dependable by family and friends. Living with osteoarthritis can make you less dependable. Have you become...

Last-Minute Gifts for People with Osteoarthritis
It's difficult to come up with a last-minute gift idea under the best of circumstances. We've got suggestions for gifts that someone with arthritis would appreciate.

Stay Active - Why Difficult to Stay Active
Researchers and health care professionals emphasize the importance of staying physically active. With regular physical activity, you can reduce pain associated with arthritis, improve balance, improve mobility, improve your energy level, and improve strength. Knowing that, why is it a problem to stay physically active?

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