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Top Electric Blankets


Updated December 01, 2008

An electric blanket will keep you comfortable and soothe the pain and achiness in your joints. Most arthritis patients feel better when they are warm. What better way than to snuggle under an electric blanket.

1. Sunbeam Electric Blankets

Blanket with a Brain® ThermoFine® technology features a smaller and more flexible warming system that senses and automatically adjusts to deliver consistent warmth throughout the night. No chills when you toss and turn and the covers come off. You will stay tucked within the warmth of your electric blanket.
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2. The Best King Sized Electric Blanket for Winter

Hammacher Schlemmer Institute conducted tests that revealed this electric blanket was rated the best after rigorous testing of heating ability, safety, and durability. It's a low-voltage, machine-washable blanket that offers safety and comfort without the stiff, bulky wires common to traditional electric blankets.
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3. Martex SuperSoft Electric Blanket

It's said to be the softest electric blanket ever -- and it comes with great features. Automatic preheat button warms your bed before you get in. A 10-hour auto shut-off is a great safety feature.
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4. Classic Electric Blanket from Vermont Country Store

Just as it's name says -- it's a classic. No frills -- just a basic electric blanket to keep your joints warm.
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5. Beautyrest Electric Warming Blanket

Relax with warmth using this high-quality electric blanket from Beautyrest. Ten temperature-control settings put you in control.
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6. Polar Fleece Electric Blanket Ivory

This electric blanket is 100% polyester. Machine wash cold, and tumble dry low. It has a digital-lighted control, preheat cycle, 10-level temperature control, and a 10-hour auto shutoff.
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