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Osteoarthritis Disability

Information and resources about osteoarthritis disability and issues related to working with osteoarthritis. Chronic pain, loss of function, and other limitations cause problems in the workplace for people working with osteoarthritis and may lead to osteoarthritis disability.

Knee Replacement - Working After Knee Replacement
If you had knee replacement surgery, that means you had time off from work too. What got you back to work as soon as possible after knee replacement?

Why Are Football Players at High Risk for Osteoarthritis?
High impact sports take a toll and osteoarthritis is often the result. What is it about football though that ties it to a high prevalence of osteoarthritis?

Workplace Stress - Solutions for People With Osteoarthritis
People with osteoarthritis may be able to lower their level of stress in the workplace.

Osteoarthritis and Disability
Osteoarthritis can lead to disability. While working can become very difficult for people with osteoarthritis, is it just as difficult to get Social Security Disability benefits? Knowing how disability is awarded is helpful.

Do You Qualify for SSDI?
There is specific criteria which must be met to qualify for Social Security Disability / SSDI.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Arthritis
Information for helping people with arthritis qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Disability Services Guide
Disability services can help applicants navigate the disability process. This disability services FAQ answers many of your questions.

Applying for SSDI Benefits - 5 Part Self-Help Guide
A five-part Guide offering a practical approach to applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

Step-by-Step: How to Apply for Social Security Disability / SSDI
Applying for Social Security Disability (SSDI) can seem overwhelming. We make it easier by taking you though the process step-by-step.

Arthritis-Attributable Work Limitations (AAWL) Affect 1 in 3 Adults
One in 20 working-age adults (aged 18-64 years) and 1 in 3 working-age adults with self-reported, doctor-diagnosed arthritis in the United States are affected by AAWL (arthritis-attributable work limitation), according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Counseling and Coping Skills Reduce Arthritis Disability
Psychological counseling, which focuses on teaching people who live with arthritis how to cope with pain, may result in less disability and better quality of life.

Study: Arthritis Affects Ability to Work
An estimated 6.9 million people have arthritis-attributable work limitations. Consequences of arthritis-attributable work limitations include absenteeism, reduced productivity, loss of work, and lower income.

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