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Osteoarthritis Exercise

Resources and information on the benefits of exercise for osteoarthritis. Regular exercise, weight control, proper nutrition, and a healthy diet, are all part of a comprehensive treatment plan for osteoarthritis. Patients should always discuss diet, weight loss, and osteoarthritis exercise plans with their doctor.
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Low-Impact Exercise Benefits Osteoarthritis Patients
People with osteoarthritis can benefit from low-impact exercise. High-impact activity stresses your joints.

Can You Be Too Old to Benefit From Exercise?
When people think they are too old to benefit from exercise, is that an excuse or is it true?

Overweight: A Risk Factor for Osteoarthritis
Overweight is a risk factor for osteoarthritis, especially osteoarthritis of the knee. Being overweight increases joint load which can increase progression of osteoarthritis.

How You Can Start to Exercise with Osteoarthritis
You've heard repeatedly that exercise is important for osteoarthritis but it's hard to make that commitment. Here's how you can start to exercise.

Your Action Plan to Better Manage Osteoarthritis
The message is repeated over and over. Watching your weight and participating in some form of regular exercise will help you manage osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis and Adherence to Home Exercise
While osteoarthritis patients know that regular exercise is recommended to help manage the disease, many find it difficult to stick with it.

Walking Helps You Cope with Osteoarthritis
Walking may help you cope with osteoarthritis. Start at your own pace and build on that at a level that is comfortable for you.

What Is Muscle Atrophy?
Osteoarthritis patients are warned that a sedentary lifestyle could lead to muscle atrophy. What is muscle atrophy?

How Do You Avoid Becoming Sedentary?
A lot has been said about the importance of exercise, regular physical activity, staying active, and avoiding the sedentary trap. It's paramount among all advice given to osteoarthritis patients. While most people with osteoarthritis understand that they should exercise, too often they circumvent it.

Have You Made Lifestyle Changes to Manage Osteoarthritis?
There are many factors that increase the risk of developing osteoarthritis or affect the management of the disease. Some of the factors are beyond your control but there are other factors that can by modified.

Reasons to Stay Active
It is essential for people with osteoarthritis to stay active.

What Keeps You From Exercising?
Exercising is important for people with osteoarthritis. Even though people with osteoarthritis realize exercising is important to maintain strength and range of motion, many still don't do it. What keeps you from exercising?

Treadmill Options for Arthritis Patients to Consider
A treadmill may be the answer for some arthritis patients. While everyone knows that walking is good exercise, it can be hard to do with physical limitations and limited mobility. With your own treadmill, you can walk at your own pace and not get too far from home as pain and fatigue begin to build. You will no longer fear going the distance....

Arthritis & Exercise Quiz
Does exercise have any impact on arthritis? Does exercise help or hurt joints burdened by arthritis? If you exercise or plan on starting an exercise program, do you know all you need to know?

Can Osteoarthritis Patients Use Gym Equipment?
For many reasons, exercise is an essential component of osteoarthritis treatment. But the exercise must not exacerbate osteoarthritis symptoms. Is gym equipment something that might help osteoarthritis patients? Would gym equipment hurt osteoarthritis patients?

How Do You Choose Appropriate Osteoarthritis Exercises?
Performing osteoarthritis exercises on a regular basis helps to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms, improve range of motion in the affected joint, improve joint function, and maintain your ideal weight. How do you choose appropriate osteoarthritis exercises?See submissions

Diet and Exercise Benefit Osteoarthritis Patients
Diet and exercise are important aspects of managing osteoarthritis but neither is a cure. You should consult your doctor for appropriate diet and exercise regimens to help manage your osteoarthritis symptoms.

Excessive Physical Activity May Lead to Osteoarthritis
Physical activity in adults -- a subject that crops up from time to time. Do joggers increase their risk of knee osteoarthritis? Are weekend warriors risking injury? Will too much physical activity in adults cause problems down the road?

Exercise Neither Increases Nor Decreases Knee Osteoarthritis Risk
Regular exercise is a recommendation for better health, especially for middle-aged and older adults. The effect of weight-bearing exercise on older adults and people who are overweight was considered. Does exercise prevent or provoke osteoarthritis in certain patients?

Exercise Prior to Joint Replacement May Decrease Need for Rehab
Exercise is often recommended as part of the treatment plan for osteoarthritis patients and is also an important aspect of recovery after joint replacement surgery.

Exercise: Essential Treatment for Arthritis
Regular exercise is a vital part of the arthritis treatment program. Increasing strength and mobility, while reducing pain are the desired benefits.

Foods With Antioxidants May Ward Off Knee Osteoarthritis
Antioxidants are not only available in supplements but they are found in plenty of healthy foods. A diet rich with antioxidants may ward off knee osteoarthritis.

How Do Arthritis Patients Perceive Exercise?
Why do some people with arthritis avoid exercise though there are known benefits? What do people with arthritis believe about exercise?

How Do You Stay Active With Osteoarthritis?
It may seem illogical when you are in pain and struggling to control osteoarthritis -- but it's crucial that you stay active. That's probably the single most important piece of advice for a person living with osteoarthritis -- stay active.See submissions

How to Exercise When You Have Arthritis
People with arthritis should discuss their exercise plans with their doctor. The amount and form of exercise recommended for each individual will vary depending on which joints are involved, the amount of inflammation, how stable the joints are, and whether joint replacements have been done.

Neck Exercises Help Relieve Pain and Stiffness
Neck exercises can help relieve pain and stiffness in the neck caused by arthritis.

Nintendo Wii Can Be Therapeutic
Nintendo Wii was designed as an innovative, next generation video game. Nintendo Wii has found a higher purpose though, being used in physical therapy and rehab situations for people with physical limitations.

Over One-Third of People With Arthritis Get No Exercise
Many people with arthritis do not exercise at all. Why aren't they exercising? What are the consequences?

Overweight Adults More Likely to Eventually Need Hip Replacement
Researchers in Norway found that adults who were obese or overweight had a higher risk of needing a hip replacement later in life due to severe arthritis.

Pilates and Osteoarthritis
Pilates, a type of exercise that is not too aggressive for osteoarthritis patients, offers great benefits for the body.

Resistance Exercise Helps Knee Osteoarthritis
Resistance exercise can improve muscle strength and physical function in people with knee osteoarthritis. Many people with knee osteoarthritis also experience decreased pain with resistance exercise.

Study: Exercise May Delay Arthritis Symptoms
Increasing physical activity, even by small amounts, could delay the onset of arthritis symptoms in older women.

Study: Physical Activity and Knee Osteoarthritis
Does exercise cause cartilage to thicken and prevent the development of knee osteoarthritis or does the repetitive motion associated with physical activity contribute to cartilage damage?

Study: Sedentary Adults Can Benefit From Lower Levels of Exercise
Due to physical limitations, arthritis patients often get discouraged regarding their ability to exercise. This study suggests that some exercise is better than none at all, since even lower levels of exercise yield health benefits.

Therapeutic Exercise for Osteoarthritis
The goal of therapeutic exercise is to improve physical function and reduce pain for osteoarthritis patients.

Walking Barefoot or Shoes - Which May Negatively Impact Knee OA?
Would you expect walking barefoot or wearing normal footwear (e.g. walking shoes) to decrease what researchers refer to as "dynamic knee loading"?

Water Exercise Helps Osteoarthritis Patients
Water exercise is usually performed in a therapeutic pool heated to 92-98 F and includes range of motion exercise and strengthening exercises.

Weight Gain - Osteoarthritis and Weight Gain
Joint pain and other osteoarthritis symptoms can cause you to be less active. With less physical activity, weight gain can become an issue. Has weight gain been a problem for you since being diagnosed with osteoarthritis?

What Happens When Osteoarthritis Patients Get No Exercise?
Too often, osteoarthritis patients circumvent treatment advice and get no exercise. What happens when osteoarthritis patients get no exercise?

Bicycling: Optimal Exercise for People with Osteoarthritis
Bicycling is a great way to exercise if you have osteoarthritis.

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