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Pain Relief Information

Pain relief plays an essential role in the management of osteoarthritis. Learn more about osteoarthritis pain relief options.
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Boswellia for Osteoarthritis
Boswellia is an herbal supplement that is thought to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

What Is Icy Hot?
Icy Hot is a topical pain reliever which is available over-the-counter in several different formulations.

What Is JointFlex?
Do over-the-counter topical products relieve arthritis pain? Let's look at one popular product, JointFlex.

Salonpas - What You Should Know
Salonpas, an FDA-approved pain patch, can be found on your drug store shelf.

The SymphonyPillow by Tempur-Pedic
The SymphonyPillow by Tempur-Pedic provides support and comfort with its unique features. Read my review.

Unloader Knee Braces - Consider Your Options
Unloader knee braces may help relieve pain associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Body Pillow Designed for Arthritis Relief
If you put a pillow under every spot that hurts because of arthritis, you may end up with a dozen. Not very practical. The body pillow is the solution. A body pillow is just what it claims to be -- one super pillow that is as long as your body. Check out your body pillow options.

Pillow - Talk About Your Pillow
There are so many different pillow types available. A pillow can seem like a major purchase once you consider the options -- shape, size, filling, and firmness. Tell us about your pillow.

Topical Pain Relievers - What You Should Know
Topical pain relievers can be effective for the short term. Topical pain relievers comes with warnings that you should be aware of too.

TENS Units - What Are Your Options?
"TENS" is the acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A "TENS unit" is a pocket size, portable, battery-operated device designed to send electrical impulses to certain parts of the body in order to modulate pain signals. The electrical currents produced are mild, but can reduce pain messages transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphins (natural pain killers prod…

What Is Electrical Stimulation?
Electrical stimulation is used to treat acute and chronic pain.

What Is the Flector Patch (Diclofenac Patch)?
A diclofenac patch, known as the Flector Patch, is a topical alternative to oral NSAIDs.

Laser Therapy for Osteoarthritis - Does It Work?
Laser therapy was introduced as a non-invasive treatment option for osteoarthritis nearly 30 years ago. Studies have produced inconsistent results regarding laser therapy for osteoarthritis. One study concludes there is a strong placebo effect associated with laser therapy.

What Is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)?
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is used to treat chronic pain, such as osteoarthitis. The effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation as a treatment option for chronic pain relief has been questioned by researchers.

Capsaicin - 10 Things You Should Know
Capsaicin is an ingredient in many topical pain relievers. The capsaicin creams are marketed under many brand names.

10 Ways to Manage Osteoarthritis Pain
Osteoarthritis pain impacts more than 21 million Americans. It's important to find effective ways to manage chronic osteoarthritis pain.

Knee Braces Help Painful Knee Osteoarthritis
Knee braces can support the joint and help relieve pain for some patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Pain
Massage therapy is an alternative treatment for osteoarthritis. Many patients find massage therapy soothing and pain-relieving. There are things you need to know about massage therapy so it can be safe and effective for you.

Topical Creams for Arthritis Pain Relief
Topical creams provide an alternative to oral medications for patients trying to get relief from arthritis pain. It's important to understand how topical creams work to ensure safe use.

10 Ways to Increase Your Pain Levels
Pain can interfere with daily living. It is important to manage pain and minimize its negative impact. Do you take actions which control your pain or do some of your habits and routines actually increase your pain level?

Pain Management: Ways to Manage Your Pain
Despite the fact that chronic pain adversely affects the quality of life of arthritis patients, it is often poorly managed.

Extra Pounds Increase Arthritis Pain
Being overweight, even just moderately, burdens the joints and increases pain and inflammation.

Does Pain Tolerance Vary Among People Who Have Arthritis?
Do arthritis patients vary in how much pain they can tolerate before needing treatment? Does pain tolerance or pain perception vary among people who have arthritis?

How Much Do You Know About Relieving Pain?
Persistent pain is one of the main symptoms of arthritis. How much do you know about relieving pain?

Big Purses: Convenience May Cause Future Pain
Big purses are trendy and convenient but there is a down side. Once you've packed them up with everything you need - cell phone, wallet, water bottles and more - it's a load on your neck, shoulders and back.

Ice vs. Heat - Which is More Effective for Arthritis Pain?
Arthritis patients searching for an effective mode of pain relief question whether it is better to use ice or heat on an affected joint.

Pain Level - What Increases Your Osteoarthritis Pain Level
Recognizing what increases your pain level helps you to be more aware and avoid whatever it is. Keep track of your pain level and what causes fluctuations.

What Is Tiger Balm?
Tiger balm is a topical analgesic used to treat arthritis pain.

The SymphonyPillow by Tempur-Pedic
The SymphonyPillow by Tempur-Pedic provides support and comfort with its unique features. Read my review.

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